Kari Next door young love

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Kari Next door young love

Kari was a young girl in high school who lived next door. I never did ask her about her age. Her creamy pale skin and bright blue eyes revealed she was as fresh as morning dew and as innocent as a young girl could be. I'm what you would call your average 42 year old single guy with a touch of grey and slightly overweight.

Kari would always come knock on the door and politely ask permission to lay out on the boat dock for a little sun in the summer. She thought of me as the nice older guy who she could trust while she was growing up. It just seemed like yesterday when she was riding her bike in pigtails, but this summer I noticed Kari was maturing.

Young Kari was unaware that as soon as she went out to the dock to sunbathe; I immediately headed to the window blinds to admire her /cute/">cute little body in her /bikini/red-bikini/">red bikini. I had always dreamed of at least touching her smooth milky skin and caress her /small/small-breast/">small breast. She had long beautiful blonde hair that seemed to flow to her petite waist. She had what most guys call a bubble butt. Her long legs seemed to make her tiny ass seem even more desirable. But as far as I knew, I would never get the chance to see how her pussy would look or taste. I loved her tiny framed body; 4'10 to 5' at the most and maybe 90 pounds.

One particular day as I was lusting over her beautiful young body through the window. Kari stood up in her red bikini and started walking up to my back door. I was a bit nervous due to my slightly /hard/hard-cock/">hard cock and I knew she would arrive at the door soon. I wondered what she was doing as I tried to cover my swollen cock by pulling my shirt over my pants. She knocked on the door and asked if she could come in for a drink of ice water. I invited her in and quickly handed her a tall glass of ice water as she sat down in the leather chair. She had never asked to come in before, let alone get a drink.

As I stood there in front of her I had completely forgot about the bulge in my pants. She took a quick glance down and smiled politely as if she was a bit embarrassed while acting as if she didn't see my bulge. I awkwardly set down in a chair opposite from her and there was a moment of silence. She broke the tension by starting a conversation about the hot weather. As Kari sat there and chatted about her friends in high school and giggled at her own comments, I was lucky enough to catch a slight glimpse of her upper thigh between
her legs. I could see that she has never even had to shave for a bikini line. I was second guessing her age while I scanned her tight body. As with all young girls she questions her own attractiveness. She asked me why all the other girls in school have boyfriends and she never had a boyfriend or even kissed a boy. I politely responded by telling her that she is a pretty girl and that someday she would get a boyfriend. She smiled and said in an innocent way,"it would be cool if I could have a boyfriend as nice as you."

I thought that this may be my one and only chance to try anything with her. I walked over to her as she sat in the chair and brushed back her long beautiful hair and told her that she was a pretty girl who is very attractive. She smiled and stared in my eyes a little longer than normal.

Before I could say another word, she started leaning toward me. My head scrambled with racing thoughts. Is this really happening? Her /sweet/">sweet lips gently kissed my lips and a warm feeling rushed through my entire body. Part of me was terrified and part of me lusted after her young innocences. She had a wavering voice as she said that was her first kiss. My heart was pounding so hard I couldn't even get one word out. I smiled at her and to my astonishment she smile back and looked at me with her soft blue eyes.

I knew that this was my chance to make a move before she changed her mind. I gave her a kiss, but with this opportunity I decided to gentle slid my tongue over her lips as I kissed her. I moved my body closer to her as I continued to kiss her and my hard cock inside my pants brushed up against her soft smooth tummy. Kari didn't back away so I knew that I could move a little further. I slowly placed my hand on her soft tummy just above her belly and inched my hand underneath her bikini top. Again, she didn't back away. Now standing together in the middle of the room I put my other hand around her back and with one small tug I untied her bikini top. The top suddenly fell to the floor and in front of me was standing the young girl I had been looking at through the window blinds only minutes ago.

At this point I knew there was no turning back for me. I felt her hand touching my bulging cock under my pants. She was to short to put her hand down the front of my pants since I was 6' and 250 pounds and she was a mere 4'10". I unzipped my pants and she pushed down full hd xvideo download until they dropped to the floor. She told me she was afraid and excited all in one. I held her hands as she slowly laid back onto the floor.

I removed my shorts and I stood there with a raging hard cock. She looked as if she was afraid and nervous; but then said, "come lay down beside me." Her legs were as pure as ivory and her skin was as smooth as silk. I lay next to her and kiss her neck as I slowly let my tongue run down to her right nipple. I started to suck on her nipples and noticed that they were already hard and perky. She had the most beautiful breasts and grogeous nipples. Her breast were between an A and B cup and her nipples were a very light pink and the size of quarters. I moved my hand down toward her pussy and to my shock she grabbed my hand and looked into my eyes and said, "I never done this before." I told her, "I would be gentle and we could take our time." To my amazement she said with a smile, simply,"ok". My heart started pounding fast as now I knew that I was actually going to fuck this sweet young girl. I knew that after I had fucked her, her view of me would no longer be the nice trusting man next door.

My hand inched closer to the top of her bikini bottoms and her breathing became quicker. As my finger tips reached where I thought I would feel silky soft pussy hair, I only felt warm skin. I slid my fingers closer to her pussy and to my delight I only felt the very smallest of hair. I could feel she had very light hair and very little hair at that. As my finger approached her pussy lips I could feel warmth. I finally reached heaven with my fingers and slid my middle finger across her lips. I didn't want to slip my finger into her too fast or hard. I thought that this may cause her to pull back and second guess herself to go all the way. After a minute or two of softly rubbing her lips with the tips of my finger, I inserted my finger in her warm moist pussy. I could feel that her pussy was smooth and seemed to glide easily with her own young juices.

My cock was as hard as steel and I could barely contain my urge to fuck her. I asked her if she wanted to try something before we went any further and she warmly said, "yes, I would". I got her into the 69 position and before I knew it I was starring up at the smallest, young, beautiful pussy lips I had ever seen. This was my first opportunity to confirm my ideas about what her pussy would be like.
With her small body, her pussy lips were only about 2 inches in length. I grasped my hands around her perfect little ass and slowly spread her vagina. To my shock, her hole was very small and very tight. At this point I decided to go for the gold. I noticed she was a true blonde and she had only a trace amount of hair. I pushed my tongue as far as I could into her gorgeous snatch. Immediately she let out a small gasp. I continued pushing my tongue in and out of her pussy and licked her tiny clit.

This was her /first-time/">first time giving head, but she bravely took the head of my cock in her sweet mouth and gently began to move up and down. Her mouth was warm on my cock and I wanted to explode in her mouth right then and there. I don't have a /cock/huge-cock/">huge cock, but I was guessing this sweet young girl won't be able to take all 9 inches in her mouth. Sweet Kari tried her best, but after 10 minutes of trying she could only get 4 to 5 inches.

I sat her up and rolled her over on her back and I worked my body between her legs. This was the dream and /fantasy/">fantasy. She didn't say a word. She only smiled at me and then closed her eyes. She knew what was coming because I could see her little breast slightly giggle as her heart pounded hard in anticipation. I slowly moved my body up onto her beautiful young frame as my cock continued to harden. I felt my cock sliding up against the inside of her left leg as my precum left a trail. My cock head finally reached her moist /pussy/tight-pussy/">tight pussy lips. I could feel the heat from her pussy against the head and I almost wanted to explode. The head of my cock pushed on her pussy lips and my cock head slid in as if it just barely popped inside her pussy. Heaven awaits I thought to myself. I grasped her tiny ass with both hands and her legs were slightly bent as I pushed my cock deep inside. It was so smooth while my cock slide inside her tight pussy. Her pussy walls were very inviting. I could feel every tight inch of her insides as I slowly moved in and out. She opened her beautiful blue eyes and all she could say was," Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God." I don't know if she was still afraid, but I do know that she liked every inch as I pushed inside her young virgin pussy. To this point I hadn't pushed in my entire cock. I braced up my hips and sunk my cock in as far as I could.

My cock head hit the back of her cervics and she let out a moan. I had a feeling I could take it all the way in if I worked her easy. Her young pussy juices were flowing with a river of sweet honey as I started to increase my fucking. I looked down at her pussy lips as my cock slammed inside her at a good rate. My balls slapped up against her sweet little ass with free porn movies download every stroke and I pumped her even faster and harder. I rubbed her clit with my finger as I fucked her and continued to grab her ass with my other hand. I sucked on her pink nipples as I continued to thrust into her silk pussy. I knew I was about to cum, so I pumped her as fast and as hard as possible. With every stroke I hit the back of her cervics. With every stroke I slapped my ball onto her /sweet/sweet-ass/">sweet ass. With one last thrust, I exploded my seamen deep inside her /pussy/sweet-pussy/">sweet pussy. I coated ever inch of her young pussy walls. She quiverd and shook into her first orgasm and her juices ooze out her pussy and down the inside of her legs and ass. Our juices mixed as I pulled out of her tight young pussy. I looked down to see her pussy lips glistening with my seamen and her own honey.

I hadn't had enough. I asked her to lay on her tummy and I mounted her doggy style. I became hard again at the sight of her body. I plunged my cock deep into her pussy and proceeded to pump wildly. She was in /ecstasy/">ecstasy as she let out moan after moan. I quickly slid my cock inside her tiny ass and her eyes nearly popped out. Within 30 seconds I let lose another wave of cum. This time I filled her ass with all 9 inches and again exploded inside her. She was my one and only young girl fuck. The summer of young love.