Old girlfriend remembered

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Old girlfriend remembered

I used to have a /girlfriend/">girlfriend who loved sex. She would do it anywhere, anytime and anyplace. She enjoyed role playing and planning the event. She was 5? 2? 105 pounds and C cup breasts, long dark brown hair and green eyes.

One of my favorite experiences with her was with baby oil. We spread a large piece of plastic over the carpet and covered ourselves with a pint or more of oil. Just putting it on each other was exciting. We took our time and I had a hard on long enough to start to worry about blue balls. If it had been my choice I would have slipped between her oily legs after the first 10 minutes. But, in our games each person got to pick the event and the way it would play out and it was her game.

While in Bangkok I remember the game and wanted to recreate it only with two /thai/thai-girls/">thai girls. The hard part in Thailand is finding two girls who would get nude together and do sex together with the lights on.

It took the better part of two weeks to find two who were willing to try. Both were small thin girls, both had long black hair and one even had some boobs.

I had already gotten the plastic and bottles of baby oil before indian santali xvideo they came over and put a comforter under the plastic and taped it down. I got plenty of body soap and towels for after and a little whiskey to loosen the girls up, just in case.

They showed up right on time and after a drink they took turns showering. The first one out was Lea, the one with the flat chest, she and I started making out and settled on the plastic, even with the AC on it got sweaty real quick. As we were starting to rub oil on each other, Nic came out and joined us. I must say that having them walk around nude was new for me, usually they have a towel wrapped so tightly around themselves that blood is cut off to their brain, but not these two.

Soon we were rubbing, stroking, massaging and sliding all over each other. I was hard from the beginning and took the opportunity to rub it against any and all body parts I could. I love the feel of running my hand over their hard 20 year old bodies. Sliding my hands between their cheeks and letting my fingers glide between their pussy lips and feeling the oil and their moisture mixed together. All the while they were exploring each others bodies and stroking mine. Having four hands on your outfit is an exciting thing to watch. Hands on you balls, hands on your cock and hands in the crack of your ass, then to have both of your hands full of tender, /pussy/sweet-pussy/">sweet pussy is a sensation overload.

I slipped my head between Lea?s legs and slid my tongue into to her wet and waiting pussy. She started bucking and bumping almost immediately in a wild /climax/">climax. I guess I wasn?t the only one who was excited. Nic was feverishly moving her hands all over Lea?s body trying to heighten her orgasm; it must have worked because Lea started a deep moan and worked into a high pitched scream. Her body was racked with spasm after spasm and I had difficulty holding on to her oily body, she kept slipping and sliding away. Finally she collapsed into a quivering heap and just lay there trying to catch her breath. Nic was now really hot and she pushed me onto my back and pulled herself onto me, she had trouble finding anything to hold onto and finally turned with her face towards my cock and used it to push and pull herself up and down my body. She would push until her pussy was in my face, pause while I got in a few quick licks then pull herself down and gobble my cock for a few moments, this went on for 5 or 6 minutes until she finally decided she wanted serious tongue. I took a firm cheek in each hand and pressed her /tight/pussy-tight/">pussy tight up against my mouth. Using only my tongue, I worked her cunt from bottom to top, there was a puddle of her juice on my chest by the time she started to cum. Her lips were so swollen that it was difficult to penetrate into her vagina so I concentrated on her clitoris, I sucked, nibbled, tongued and licked her into a great big climax. Unlike Lea, Nic was quiet and her spasms were huge and racking but very far apart and her pussy never left my tongue until she was finished.

I didn?t realize it until Nic stopped shaking that Lea was sucking my cock. She was slow and deliberate, using light touches with her lips and tongue. She was massaging my balls at the same time and I was feeling real good. My hard on was huge, the oil must have allowed for more stretch, plus I had been hard for over 30 minutes. Nic slide off of me and moved down to help Lea. While Lea sucked my cock Nic was sucking my balls. I was in heaven, I propped myself up on my elbows and just watched as those two honeys worked me over. I knew that I was probably only good for one time and had to make up my mind which one it would be. Nic must have been reading my mind; she went over to her purse and got a 50mg Viagra. She handed it and a glass of water to me and my decision was made, both.

Nic got down on her hands and knees on the plastic and I pulled out of lea?s mouth and moved up behind Nic. As I was getting ready to enter Nic, Lea took my cock in one hand and used her other to part the lips of Nic?s vagina. Lea pulled me closer and closer until I felt the heat of Nic?s pussy surrounding the head of my cock. Nic pushed back until I was fully in her and then she started a slow rhythmic fuck. Her pussy was snug, wet, but snug. I could feel her all of the way in and all of the way out. I didn?t move at first, letting her set the tempo, then I slowly took over, I had a hip in each hand as I drove deep into her on each thrust. I watched my cock as I withdrew until just the tip was in her, then I would slowly slide back deep into her. I was just about to think that I could keep this up all night when Lea grasped my balls and started pumping them. She had them in both hands and there was little chance that they would escape. She matched my pace with her hands and as I drew close to climax she pumped harder and harder. I stopped thrusting and used Nic?s hips to bring her to me and push her away. I had to stay focused on the head of my cock or I would lose complete control. I could feel the climax building in Lea?s hands as she squeezed my balls as if to force the cum out of me, then it alain lyle porn was happening, the sensation moved from my balls up through my cock and out the head into Nic?s /pussy/hot-pussy/">hot pussy. I don?t remember if I kept pulling and pushing her or if she finished up for me I just remember the strength of my cum blasting into her hot squishy fist of a cunt, time after time.

Lea went into the bathroom and came back with wet towels and cleaned Nic and I up. She also made a couple of drinks for them and rolled up the plastic. While she was doing that Nic and I went to shower and were shortly joined by Lea. Both washed themselves first and as a joint effort sudsed me up. I was surprised at how fast the hard on happened, but both girls seemed take it in stride.

They dried me off and I went in and laid on the bed, prick at attention. Both Lea and Nic came in and started arousing me. Kissing, caressing, licking and sucking, all while I was able to lay back and enjoy. Finally, Lea told me it was her turn and she motioned me over to the corner of the bed. As I sat on the corner she pushed me onto my back and stood up with a foot beside each of my hips. She bent over and put her hands on my chest and squatted down until her pussy was just above my cock, Nic took my cock and guided it into Lea?s pussy. Lea?s pussy was hot and wet but, not nearly as tight as Nic?s. Lea settled down on me and just squirmed around mashing her lips on me. She had a lot of pubic hair and I could feel it as she ground herself against my pubic bone. She continued to grind then slowly shifted to a back and forward motion, all the while staying pressed against me. She started that deep moan that turned in to a scream again and flooded me with hot, wet, excitement. She finished and lay against my chest until I thought she was done. Slowly, ever so slowly she started to rise and fall on my cock. Nic moved in between my legs and started sucking on my balls. Lea sat up and began in earnest. Her strokes were and fast and measured, the head of my cock never left the mouth of her vagina and she never got deep enough to disturb Nic. Lea?s sped up and I could start to feel the drag of her pussy which started the climax response. her pussy was now dragging as she slid on my cock and Nic is sucking for all she is worth on my balls. I looked down and watched as my cock entered and exited Lea and I couldn?t stop, it happened. The wet cum again made my pole slick and Lea?s pussy again slopped and squished as it glided over me. I must have shot 7 or 8 times and only after the last time did I notice that Nic?s sucking was causing a great deal of pain, seconds before it was immense pleasure.

The old girlfriend was different, with both of us oiled up I took her from the rear, but I was in a squatting position and her face was against the plastic. I was able to penetrate her deeper than I had ever before because the oil let me slide up her cheeks while my cock was below my legs. There was nothing between her cunt and my cock and I was able to jam as far into her as I had cock. My cock was at a downward angle and the bottom of my shaft slide across her clitoris, both in and out, while the top pressed tightly against the bottom edge of her pussy, full contact fucking.

There was also a mirror, we came together and it was difficult to tell who had the /orgasm/best-orgasm/">best orgasm. Almost always it is the woman, but occasionally I prevail.