My Job Made Me Fuck

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My Job Made Me Fuck

*** Hi,Friends! My Name is Sangay Sangma m from Meghalaya, India well I had been in bangalore for many years and done a lot of sexual experiences well m a reader of this site for about 2yrs

Lets Come to my Story Directly cus Its better to be in action witout all dis Bakwas!

Well just a month ago i had come back from bangalore cus of my elder /sister/">sister get married and for Garo Rituals in Meghalaya the Husband was the owner of the wife father property. So after hand over the property to my Sisi Husband we left for our another cottage i.e in meghalays only.

Well about the incident Ohh i forgot after introducing me and all!

So m Cumin to my figure first i am a lady of 22 Yrs and with 34size tits 28 Waist and 36 Hips well being a gal of north east india y all can make me out how i look like PEOPLE ALL OVER THE INDIA CALLS US CHINKI'S Isnt it? All old waman xxxgx

The story begins when i had came bak to my native place for my mother as she has no company with him but my life got boared cus there is nothing to do a lot well aslo i had born with a golden spoon with my mouth though i need something that from it i can engaged in something.

So 1 of my friend call me up and said hey! wat r u doin now a days! I said nothin ya just kickin my own ass for being in home.

After that he suggested me that A new Multination Insurance Company is going to start and they had give the advetizement that they need Sales Team Managers and a Reciptionist. Well I can go with with STM job Cus i a daam headache and i dont like someone creating pressure on me so I deciced for a Reciptionist one.

Cus of only one sit for a front office recptionist well i got little tense cus i need the job by ny how cus my boringness is killing me.
So i dicided to wore a hot dress and to face the interview do that day i had worn a white corporate shirt without tieing the button on my chest that any one can see my cleverage and I had worn a short black skirt upto my knees and a long shoe.

Well i gone to interview every one is trying to jump between my cleverage areas i have no problem with this I have this so people are peepin also there are so many why wont they lookin at them? Thats fell me proud.

Well the exam time its my turn now. I started slowly to the hotel room (as there are no branch set up 1st So they are taking in terviev at hotel only)
And Knock! Knock! the door a manly voice come from the other side. I said thank u and the boss who id going to be branch manager of my companu is in fornt of me

He asked my name all things bla bla bla! and i aswered all the question then he suddenly told me if some one is offering a policy of above 5laks. Wat exten can you go! I asked means? He said y? a person will give Policy and So yes you are beautiful, Sexy, Young if something arise for helping the Comapany how will u Contrubate. I said by all means by haveing no thinkin in my mind ok then he told me ok if you got selected. I will call u and inform you.

Well friends i have many stories with me from the last two months and I have chosen as mdrt in only two months bokep sma pecah perawan for the company! Well the stories is all about how i Seduced people to take insurance policy!

I will be waitin for your responce I have possitive responce from your side I will defintly satisfy you!

And the guys ready for a wonderful jerks by reading my stories:-

Well till den i have to wait for your reponces cus a valuable stories and one of best experinces so by your all responces will will come to a Conclusion in writing my stories or not!

Really i hate this typing in the keybord if you give a responce I will defintly do a hard work by moving my fingers in the keyboard andtry to satisful all with your stories:-

Till Then Bye Bye Allll
Muahha Muahha MUhha Muahha Muahha Love u All Muahha