Punishment From Master

Published February 23, 2024 tag category
Punishment From Master

Kneeling in the floor of T/their dungeon the tears slowly sliding down her cheeks she awaits Him. Why? She wonders to herself did she not obey. She saw the anger in His eyes and heard it in His voice. Now she awaits His punishment. She knows he is waiting til his temper cools as that is T/their rule. He will never punish her while angry. How long she has been waiting she is not sure but it seems like an eternity for her. As her shoulders shake with the sobs she tries to hold in she hears Him enter. She waits patiently wanting so /bad/">bad to look up, sexxxx video ful hd but knowing better. She hears Him walk closer to her, He reaches dwon and grabs her hair pulling her as she swiftly follows on all fours. He leads her to a chair and with a tug on her hair pulls her to her feeet. He postions her so that she is facing the chair and makes her bend at the waist. Kicking at her legs so that she quickly spreads them, before walking away. Returning He slips a ball gag into her mouth, she whimpers He knows how she hates to be gagged and is only doing so as part of her punishment. 

He walks away once again and this time when He returns she feels him stand behind her. He runs his hand over her ass tenderly and she tenses up. With no warning at all there is a loud smack and her ass is on fire. She screams into the gag as he continues to rain blow after blow on her ass. The pain becoming almost imbearable, unconciously she begins to move trying to avoid His blows until he gives a sharp tug on her hair cause her to wince and cry out into the gag. He kicks her legs even farther apart. Suddenly she hears another whack and pain shoots through her pussy as she realizes he is no spanking her naked sex. She screams into the gag as the blows continue on her pussy, her legs almost buckling beneath her. Then just as suddenly as He started He stops. She hears Him walk away and then return. He releases the gag from her mouth, pulls her upright, then pushes her to her knees. She sees the leash dangling from His hand and groans. This is one humiliation He knows she hates. He reaches down attaching the leash to the ring on her collar as He leads her on all fours up the stairs to the den. Taking her to the corner he orders her to stand up right and to grasp the hook abover head. She glances up noticing that He has put one there and quickly does as she was told.

"Now little one your punishment is not over. I want you to stand with your face in the corner and do not turn around until I tell you to. DO I make myself clear?"

"Yes /master/">master," she replies trpidation in her voice.

"Good slut," he says and quickly walks away leaving her alone in the den.

She isnt alone for long as she hears the doors open, but she can tell her Master is not alone she hears to other voices with Him. She begins to sob, He has never humilated her befor others before. Oh, if only she had obeyed Him this wouldnt be happening. She can not quite hear the conversation above her own sobs but suddenly she feels a hand on her ass that she knows is not her Masters. She groans as the hand massages her sore cheeks before slipping between her legs. She tries to jerk away but this only gets her three hard slaps on her burning bottom. Biting her lower lip she remains still as the fingers roughly enter her. In and out they go and she cant help but moan at the pleasure the fingers are creating. When she starts to thrust her hips on the fingers they are quickly withdrawn and she senses the person moving away from behind her. More mundane conversation as she sobs quietly in the corner but jers when she feels another pair of hands on her. This time the hands reach around to massage her breasts. xxx sex video download free com Taking the nipples bewtween the fingers and pulling hard, eliciting a moan from her. Her nipples are pulled out and twisted the pain shooting through them but sending a warm sensationg to her pussy. The hands travel down her stomach to touch the top of her pussy. Tracing her lips as she moans and tries to press down on the hand. It quickly slips between her wet, pink lips finding her hard, trobbing clit and giving it a little pinch. She half moans/ half whimpers at the sensation. Just as quickly as before these hands are taken away leaving her wanting.

She stands there for an undertimened amount of time while her Master and His visitors continue their conversation. Finally, she hears them walk out of the room and hears the front door closing. Quickly her Master is back. He walks up behind her and she hears him unbuckling His belt and sliding it out of His pants. He tells her to hold tight to the hook and do not let go. She hears a whoosh and then pain shoots through her ass as he lashes her with his belt. Screaming, crying almost uncontrolably as he whips her. He stops and she stands there holding on as her sobs subside.

"Turn around little one," her MAster demands and she does so. Looking down not wanting to meet His eyes after the disappointment she has been to Him today.He grasps her chin forcing her to look up. His thumb caresses her cheek and wipes away a tear as He smiles.

"All is forgiven my pet," he says and she quickly falls to her knees kissing his /feet/">feet. His punishments are always swift and severe but she knows that they only help to make her better at serving Him. He pulls her head up unzipping His pants and His cock springs forward.

"You know what to do little one," He says as she looks hungrily at His cock before engulfing it in her mouth.